Strategic Launchpad™

Facilitated Strategic Action Planning
for Small & Mid-sized Organizations
Uncertain about the value in strategic planning? Like to give it a try without spending an arm and a leg?
Strategic Launchpad™ could be for you!

Formalizing a business strategy might not seem important when your organization is relatively small, just starting out, moving too quickly to contemplate a full-blown planning exercise, or when you're concerned about losing your agility or getting bogged down with more than you can handle. MORE

"This is a first. Our whole management team is agreed on our longer-term goals and what we have to do to achieve them. We couldn't have done it without Strategic Launchpad."

– Executive Director,
Industry Association

They Say!

Transform your great ideas
into decisive action.

Strategic Launchpad™ brings decision-makers together to focus, collaborate, and act on ensuring your organization's future success


Working together with an experienced facilitator, you define what success looks like 3 or so years down the road… identify vulnerabilities that must be overcome… clarify the capabilities you will need… and build a rolling Strategic Action Plan that your team can implement without jeopardizing your short-term results.  MORE

Is Strategic Launchpad™
right for your organization?

Strategic Launchpad™ is for leaders who see value in strategizing and aren’t yet ready to commit to a full-blown planning project:

  • organizations in need of additional capacity

  • busy organizations where time is at a premium

  • organizations that question the value in strategic planning 

  • organizations needing to focus or refocus on achieving their mission

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