5-Stage Launch Process 

Launching strategic action for small & mid-sized organizations 

Strategic Launchpad™ enables your planning team to translate strategic thinking into decisive action focused on achieving specific, longer-term goals.


Actions are captured in a rolling Strategic Action Plan. Every 90 days, your team will be encouraged to make thoughtful and reasoned adjustments to the action items based on current workloads and an ongoing review of how best to achieve future success.

Be specific about the future.

How will you define “success” 3 or so years down the road? Considering all factors – markets, donors, customers, volunteers, talent, processes, suppliers, financial resources, and more – what is an optimistic yet achievable future for your business.


Take stock of your vulnerabilities and capabilities.

This is a time to be realistic. What vulnerabilities will get in the way of achieving future success? What capabilities – competencies and capacities – do you need to acquire or further develop to be successful?


Power your Strategic Action Plan with strategic thinking.

Too many business people have experienced strategic planning that doesn’t work. Even a well-thought-out plan will fail if it’s overly ambitious – too many initiatives, projects, or tasks. Selectivity is paramount. In the facilitated session, we help you think strategically about the initiatives and projects that will make the greatest difference to your organization’s future. These will be prioritized and serve to focus your Strategic Action Plan.


Collaborate on building your Strategic Action Plan.

Power your key decisions and launch your strategy with decisive yet conditional action! The "decisive" gets it moving; the "conditional" keeps you agile. We guide you through these choices translating your strategic priorities into important initiatives, then identifying what you will do over the next 90 days to engage stakeholders, initiate action, and build momentum towards your future success.


Keep your Strategic Action Plan rolling!

About 90 days after completing your Strategic Action Plan, we will facilitate a one-hour, online review and update session to ensure your Plan remains focused on the projects and tasks that are critical to your future success.