Strategic Launchpad™ is the result of 25 years experience and over 300 strategic planning assignments.

Strategic Launchpad™ is brought to you by Strategic Directions, a full-service strategic planning consultancy –

Why Strategic Launchpad™

The principals and co-founders of Strategic Directions, Bob McCulloch and Chris Ward, have been guiding decision-making teams through the strategic thinking and planning process for over 25 years.


During this time we have spoken with the leaders of numerous organizations who were not yet ready to put their employees through a rigorous strategic planning process, or not prepared to invest the time and money that a major undertaking involves. At the same time, many leaders recognized a need to align their teams behind a few longer-term goals and to agree on the actions that they would take to achieve these goals. This need gave rise to Strategic Launchpad™

Our approach to strategic planning

Our approach to strategic planning has evolved over hundreds of projects. In all our work, we are known for our collaborative approach, sense of humour, buttoned-down process, and attention to detail, whether we're developing an overall strategy, facilitating a retreat, uncovering information on which to base important decisions, coaching leaders to perform at their very best… or helping to launch a client’s Strategic Action Plan using Strategic Launchpad™.


“ did a fantastic job [in our facilitated session] keeping us focused and moving towards achieving the objectives we had discussed."

They Say!